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Natural Heritage

imagem: carv1.png The Municipality of Manteigas, is a privileged and unique territory in right in the middle of the Star Mountain Natural Park, which landscape, natural and ecological natural conditions dazzle the locals and visitors.
In Manteigas you can enjoy a diversified and with unique elements landscape, attractive and well preserved, with places of great beauty and tranquillity that allows a close contact with the nature.
The Star Mountain is the only one in Portugal where the glacial action was felt in a unique way, leaving numerous testimonies in the landscape, such as polish rocks, boulders, covőes, moraines and glacial lagoons, deep valleys in U shape, being the Zęzere Glacial Valley on of the ex-libris of Manteigas.
The water is a basic element in this region and Municipality, because like the human body, forms the basis of its existence.
The health and wellness tourism allies in the Thermal Verse – Caldas de Manteigas, which is complemented by an interpretation centre, picnic area, and a public point of sale for the trout’s produced in the raising of trout’s – Trout Farm, which set up there taking the advantage of crystal and irate waters that erupt from the mountain.
The Paulo Luís Martins Fountain cascade – that never stops flowing its refreshing water, the Inferno Well – a drop of water with 10 meters high, with the start point in the open throat by the Leandres stream, the Golden Rocks – that maybe began to be searched by people that desire the «good airs» of the Mountain and which highlight is the harmony between Nature and Man, culminating with the climb to the highest point in Portugal mainland – Tower, are places that worth a visit.
Its biodiversity allows that Manteigas, be a really «study book», to be notice its complimentary biological with the geomorphologic territory.
The grazing and related activities confers one particularity to the Municipality, which origin goes back to 1188 when D. Sancho I gave the first charter to the village, now portrayed by the weaving crafts, which perpetuates the wool industry tradition, performing annually by the Carnival, a Show of Activities, Crafts Fair and the Taste of the Mountain Star Cheese (Expo Estrela), that attracts many visitors to the Municipality.




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