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Vale Glaciar do Zęzere
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The municipality of Manteigas is integrated in a privileged area for pleasure and entertainment, supported by it natural conditions, ecologic values, environment and landscape, and cultural and ethnographic traditions that represent this unique municipality.
Manteigas offers a vast natural space with unique landscapes in what national and Europe concerns, with the highlight, by it exclusive character, the Rio Zęzere valley from the glacier age, actually finalist of the category “Grandes Relevos” “Great Relieves” of the “Portugal 7 Natural Wonders”.
The water has also a vital importance by it constant presence, by the form of annual snow, rivers, waterfalls, natural lagoons or dams, among others elements that only deserves credit when discover by you.
Meet the traditional paths used by shepherds and the mountain populations, revitalize the region ancient costumes and culture and visit the forgotten places. The Green Tracks net here by proposed will allow you to discover 200 km’s of overwhelming and unique sensations.

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