Start of route: Bairro 25 de Abril, in the Village of Manteigas.

This route stretches, partly, in an area called “Quartelas”, which corresponds to a multiplicity of agriculture plots that allows the walker to dive in an environment that carries you throughout the history and traditions of agriculture and grazing that characterize Manteigas.

The landscape offered by the vast amphitheatre where the trail is developed is amazing and is full of marks of the mountain population and the rural area, constructions in schist or granite, walls, terraces, paths, marshes, flocks accompanied by shepherds and its mountain dogs.

In the built heritage deserves a special reference the Forest Guard House of the “Cerro da Correia” and the Hostel of the Manteigas Forest Services. The Forest Guard houses where implemented in a way to support the Forest Perimeters and their management units, of infrastructures of support to the forest activity there developed, allowing the fixation of the Forest Guards and their family that would have the responsibility to surveillance and monitoring of the areas assigned to them.

This form of management, constitution and management of Forest Perimeters began in 1888 with the aim of foresting the vacant municipal forest, which were confronted with serious erosion problems, due to the excessive use of the existing vegetation in the mountain.

The olive groves, vineyards, the cornfields, ryegrass meadows and the planting of pine trees have marked representation, being the natural vegetation more sparse. In the intermediate floor, the main types of vegetation that can be observed are the oaks and bushes of various kinds.

Regarding the fauna stands out the presence of the crow and the wild rabbit, with the status of conservation threatened.

  • Route PR16MTG
    • Name: Quartelas
    • Type: Circular
    • Coordinates of the beginning W: 7º32'24.96"W 40º24'14.46"N
    • Height at the beginning: 806 m
    • Minimum height: 777 m
    • Maximum height: 1026 m
    • Advised direction: Clock hands
    • Difficulty: Average
    • Extension: 5,3 km
    • BTT: Yes